Clinical Cardiographic Technician

Clinical Cardiographic Technician

Clinical Cardiographic Technician Training Program

Cardiographic technicians are trained to perform non-invasive procedures related to cardiography. They infer rhythm and 12-lead electrocardiograms, and also carry out a range of EKG linked diagnostic testing. This is done under the direction of a doctor or nurse. The clinical cardiographic technician training is also useful for direct patient care providers such as nurses and medical office assistants, who can augment their employability in cardiology related health care centers and clinics by gaining essential requisite skills.

This program provides advanced training apart from the regular duties that an EKG technician carries out. These advanced skills include Holter monitoring and stress testing through specially designed equipment for this purpose.

Program Courses:

  • Introduction to EKG
  • Conduction and its problems
  • The rhythm of the heart
  • Abnormalities of P waves, QRS Complexes and T waves
  • Stress Testing
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Acquire and document patient identification, patient’s medical history and patient’s test results

Program Length and Schedule:

  • 120 Clock Hours
  • Classroom Instruction & Lab – 120 Hours
  • Day and Evening Classes (Monday through Thursday)
Upcoming Schedule
Length 6 Weeks
Schedule Day 9am – 2pm
Evening 5pm-9pm
Start Date January 2nd, 2018
Requirements High School or G.E.D

Next Step:

  • Eligible students can become Certified Cardiographic Technicians through the CCI.