Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist training program

The Medical Billing & Coding Specialist program will prepare students for one of the fastest growing fields in healthcare. Medical billing and coding is the process of translating all the relevant patient information into universal numeric or alphanumeric codes. Right from patient visits, symptoms, tests performed, to diagnosis – all the information is coded using ICD (International Classification of Diseases) or CPT (Current Procedural Terminologies) codes.

Program Courses:

  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Medical Laws and Ethics

Program Length and Schedule:

  • 340 Clock Hours
  • Classroom Instruction & Lab – 260 Hours
  • Externship – 80 Hours
Upcoming Schedule
Length 3 – 4 Months
Schedule Day 9am – 2pm
Eve 5pm-9pm
Start Date February 26th, 2018
Requirements High School or G.E.D

Next Step:

  • Eligible students can take Certification exam for Certified Billing & Coding Specialist and Electronic Health Records